The method of procuring an Patent is by providing an Application at any of the Patent Office across the world.
There is of two kinds Provisional and Complete Application.

Provisional Application may include just the Title of the Invention, Inventor(s), Assignee(s), and the particulars of the same filed abroad before filing in India and Declarations.

Complete Application includes a specification disclosing the invention, including any necessary drawings, a declaration signed by the inventors, a claim legally defining the metes and bounds of the invention, an Abstract of the Disclosure to be consulted by future patent searchers, and an appropriate filing fee. This must be filled with in 12 months from the Provisional filing date.

Types of application:
Ordinary application – Provisional or Complete
Conventional Application – Convention countries
International Application – PCT application (# WO-XXXXXXXX)
Divisional Application – 2 parts of invention to be filed separately when there are two invention.
Patent Of Addition

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